Fimarge has created a new investment option for its investors. Alba SICAV Iridium Fixed Income is an Andorran SICAV that invests in bonds and monetary assets. It aims at long-term capital increase with a moderate risk profile. Its reference currency is the euro.

The main advantages of this investment vehicle are:

  • Weekly liquidity.
  • Reducedand controllable number of assets,selected for their qualityand their issuers’ creditworthiness.
  • Active currency management.
  • Very competitivefees(1.05%) with no subscription, redemption orsuccess fees.

In addition, Iridium SICAV Fixed Income incorporates the tax advantage of being exempt from Andorran income tax and may allow income tax deferral to foreign investors, according to their tax residence.

More information at Alba SICAV Iridium Fixed Income