During the past two years Fimarge has collaborated with UNICEF Andorra to provide 17,765 doses of children’s vaccines (2013), 174,338 water purification doses and 13,947 oral rehydration packs (2014) to the children most in need.

This year Fimarge begins a new collaboration with the Andorran NGO COOPERAND amb Llatinoamèrica  (www.cooperand.org). For more than a decade this ONG manages resources and fundraises to attend, take care, train, and reintegrate children who live neglected and marginalized in the streets of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia). COOPERAND’s actions are performed directly, on the field and without intermediaries.

One of the projects COOPERAND is working on is the shelter home Hogar Casa Main that takes care of some 160 girls, aged 5 to 16, who face a severe risk of social exclusion. Our investors’ present will consist in covering the needs for medicines of all these girls for 2016.