During 2015 Fimarge has created two new SICAVs:

  • ASTRA SICAV Iridium Flexible Equity, with a resolute profile (up to 80% in equity) and established in Luxemburg in June.
  • ALBA SICAV Iridium Fixed Income, with no equity and established in Andorra in October.

These SICAVs complement ASTRA SICAV Iridium Balanced Portfolio that we constituted in October 2013 in Luxemburg with a balanced profile (up to 35% in equity).

In order for our investors, and all interested parties, to have an easy and comprehensive access to the information concerning these SICAVs we have created a specific website: www.iridiumsicavs.com/en/.

In this new website you will find:

  • The Net Asset Value and performance of the SICAVs, updated daily
  • Their differential characteristics
  • The reasons to invest in them
  • Their monthly factsheets, with the possibility to subscribe to them
  • The specific documentation of each SICAV: summary sheet, KIID, and full prospectus
  • The presentation of our management team
  • The opinion articles we produce monthly
  • Two examples of the analysis reports generated and used by our asset managers to make their investment decisions

Visit it and give us your opinion through INVESTOR SERVICE.