The term “corporate social responsibility” (CSR) has been widely used, and misused, in recent decades, due in some cases to a false aspiration to create a corporate image that had little to do with reality and, in others, to the deep divide between what companies say and what they do.

Everybody has embraced CSR, yet very few companies have the conviction to actually put it into practice.

At Fimarge, we both believe in and practise CSR, especially in the current situation of crisis and fierce debate about how things should have been done in the world of finance. Part of Fimarge’s vision depends on keeping an open mind and having an attitude of respect and collaboration beyond the scope of our own profession. The concept of CSR incorporates many of the personal and professional values and sensibilities that inform our Guiding Principles.


The concept of CSR encompasses a set of management practices, strategies and systems aimed at achieving a new balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions of business. The roots of CSR go back to the 19th century and the cooperative and associationist movement, which sought to reconcile business efficiency with the principles of democracy, community involvement and distributive justice.

We could define CSR as “the active and voluntary contribution by the company to social, economic and environmental improvement, with the aim of enhancing the intrinsic overall value of the sectors influenced by the company and of the company itself”.

It is therefore a form of management that is defined by the company’s ethical relationship not only with clients, providers, employees and shareholders but also with its environment, setting business objectives that are compatible with and support the sustainable development of society, preserving environmental and culture resources, respecting diversity and promoting the reduction of inequalities.


Within the limits of our possibilities and the “global” approach we have chosen, there are various ways in which the concept of CSR can be applied to specific projects.

Aspects of CSR already in place or started at Fimarge, at different stages of consolidation, include:

  • Active collaboration with universities (transmission of knowledge)
  • 5 “Rs”: Recycle, Recover, Reduce, Repair and Reuse.
    “Fimarge Club”: a notice board for exchanging products/services among employees
    “Culture Club”: a space where the members of Fimarge can selflessly contribute and share books, movies (DVD and Blu-Ray) and music (CD)
  • Responsible energy consumption
  • Collaboration in the Christmas campaign of UNICEF (or other NGOs)



COOPERAND amb Llatinoamèrica

Helping STREET CHILDREN in Bolivia

Since more than a decade Cooperand ( manages resources and fundraises to attend, take care, counsel, and reintegrate children who live neglected and marginalized in the streets. Through solid counterparts, Cooperand helps more than 2000 children, working closely with different shelter houses and providing them with nutrition, health care, education, therapy, and individualized pedagogical support.

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