Objective advice and management: we are independent managers.

At Fimarge we value our independence. Free choice of investments is key to optimal wealth management. We work without external or internal conflicts of interest

  • We receive no soft commissions from banks or investment fund managers. We make investment decisions with complete independence.
    That means we can research, analyse and select the best assets at the international level, unconstrained by ties with other national or international management companies or banks.
  • We do not mislead our clients with proprietary investment products, which often carry high management fees. We look for third-party products that have reasonable costs and invest independently of our firm’s economic or financial needs



We are totally transparent in our dealings with you. You know everything that we know.

  • Forthright assessments in our advisory service
  • Clarity and completeness of the information conveyed
  • Honesty in charging for our services: single fees charged at reasonable rates
  • The fees for advice, administration and management of liquid assets are “all-in” (except for third-party expenses) and do not depend on capital needs
  • The expenses incurred in providing the services are passed on directly to the client, without any profit margin for the firm. These expenses are always markedly lower than the client would be able to negotiate otherwise



Every investor is unique and deserves personalised service.

We adjust the project or portfolio management to your real needs, looking beyond your preferences, which we naturally respect. We rise to the challenge of an individualised task that will result in sustained growth of your wealth in the long term.

We are constantly searching worldwide for the best providers. At present, this is especially important in the case of custody services. We use a network of independent international custodians, which are subject to continual review.


Simple, solid, non-speculative and long-term investment philosophy. Rational goals.

Having a style of our own means we can:

  • Accurately select the best assets, under a strict philosophy of non-speculative investment
  • Combine strategic and tactical investment to secure solid and sustainable positive returns
  • Use our own structured, disciplined and dynamic management model, which takes your goals and needs into account at all times



At Fimarge, from Andorra, we can…

  1. Invest in any kind of asset or investment fund from around the world
  2. Work with any depositary, in Andorra or elsewhere (global custody system), without any of the banks we use being related to any other.
    You will not need to take your money out of your bank to work with Fimarge
  3. Integrate, in a single report, all the data on the management and performance of global assets held internationally





Personal values take priority and underpin professional values



We must show intelligence, not just capability


what makes us differents

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Your needs come first, before those of the firm. It’s that simple