Research reports

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Asset monitoring 


Contact with analysts


Allow the client / external manager access to Fimarge’s detailed technical information: analysis of assets, markets and macroeconomic / geopolitical factors.

This is an information-only service; no proposals or recommendations are made. Responsibility for the outcome of any action taken on the basis of the information received lies exclusively with the client / external manager.

The annual subscription gives access to:

  • 20-24 in-depth reports per year on assets chosen by Fimarge (FI/E)
  • Ad hoc updates to reports (changes in fundamentals)
  • Ad hoc monitoring of assets under analysis (earnings, news, etc.)
  • 4 reports per year on macroeconomic developments (“Topics in Macroeconomics”)
  • 2 face-to-face meetings per year with a senior Fimarge analyst
  • Telephone contact to clarify doubts about the reports received


The service does not include:

  • Buy / sell recommendations
  • Transmission of orders to buy/sell (see option below)
  • Requests for analysis of other assets (service to be offered in the future)