Asset valuation 

Risk management

Analysis of investment proposals

Monitoring of business plans

Attendance at meetings of Boards of Directors 

Support in negotiations


Includes properties, plots of land, farming and grazing land, and similar

  • Analysis and valuation of family real estate assets
  • Risk management and business cycle monitoring
  • Analysis of investment/divestment proposals
  • Control and monitoring of purchase/sale and rental transactions
  • Optimisation of real estate brokerage (cost reduction)



Includes family businesses and equity investments held directly or through private equity funds or similar.

  • Analysis and valuation of global business assets
  • Generation of equity investment proposals; management of the investment process; control and monitoring
  • Control and monitoring of business plans and specific equity investments throughout the various stages (analysis, investment/acquisition, development, growth, divestment/sale)
  • Adaptation of investments to the overall strategy, whether the investments are made:
    • On a venture capital (capital gain) or long-term (dividends) basis
    • Directly (holding) or through investments in funds
    • In listed or unlisted companies
  • Support in negotiations (investments/divestments) and complex processes
  • Attendance at meetings of Boards of Directors of investees