International tactics
and strategy

Family protocols

Legal restructurings

Conflicts and asset

Negotiations and
decision making



The service is delivered directly to the client or external manager, taking an active role – together, where applicable, with other legal counsel – in providing strategic, tactical and operational wealth management advice in legal matters.

Specifics of the service:

  • Definition of legal strategy and tactics
  • Family protocols / constitutions to govern relations with the business
  • Restructuring of corporate / family groups
  • Support in the management / resolution of family conflicts
  • Recovery of divested assets
  • Support in negotiations and complex processes (contingencies, litigation, etc.)
  • Support in decision making
  • Successions and donations; other asset transfers
  • Coordination of teams of external consultants / lawyers
  • Research and organisation of information / assets
  • International law
  • Administration of companies and approval of accounts
  • Family / corporate foundations (philanthropy and patronage; donations)