Strategic Guidelines

Investment Policy

Family Office

Statement of Net Worth

Financial Strategy 


The service is provided directly to the client or external manager, in some cases through participation as an independent director in meetings of the Boards of Directors of the family council, family office or investee companies.

Specifics of the service:

  • Evaluation of strategic guidelines and support in making major decisions

  • Support in defining the investment policy and strategic asset distribution (investment, divestment and diversification)

  • Design support and advice in setting up and developing the family office

  • Preparation of the “statement of net worth”: value, scope and current state of assets; investments; leverage; foreseeable returns; key success factors, etc.
    • Analysis of weak, problematic or underused assets; provision of solutions
    • Periodic monitoring and updates on the state of your assets

  • Advice on risk management: assessment and measurement of the risks assumed, or to be assumed; adaptation of asset allocation to changing global circumstances; excessive risks, etc.

  • Advice, monitoring and adaptation of the overall financial strategy:
    • Selection, supervision, negotiation and relations with financial institutions
    • Advice on banking leverage and refinancing
    • Advice and control/monitoring with respect to liquidity management
    • Assessment of management performance
    • Consolidation of projects and portfolios
    • International advice and control/monitoring

  • Advice, coordination and control of external teams of professionals