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Our service commitment goes beyond the advice or management we offer to individuals to include single and multi-family offices, as well as specialised firms of lawyers and consultants.

As it regards to family offices, our commitment may be to serve the family itself or to provide effective (strategic or technical) support to the CEO, CFO
or CIO.

In most cases, however, our aim is to provide synergistic support to the external manager. We have no direct dealings with the owner unless requested by the client or the external manager or required due to the nature of the service to be provided.

These services are offered with a view to maintaining a long-term relationship and include the full range of necessary support: (1) information, (2) advice, (3) administration, and (4) management

The Fimarge approach is one of wealth preservation (rather than aggressive profit generation). The philosophy behind our services is to “give priority
to incremental wealth preservation, within a framework of close attention to the history of the person/family and their present circumstances”



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